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Business Cards, cards bearing business information about a company or individual have been around forever with the Rolodex Business Card File as an early solution to handling your personal business card collection.

eBusinessCards, the South African Business Directory was developed as a new electronic Rolodex solution for managing business card collections while still keeping the same look and feel as the traditional approach to communicating your business information.

Our original simplistic approach in 2005 achieved great popularity with the success in promoting businesses online at a very affordable cost of less than a rand a day.

Our Google Search Results for related keywords (July 2012)

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Page 1 # 1 out of 1,230,000,000

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Marketing Strategists in pages from South Africa
Page 1 #2 out of 68,000

ebusinesscards in search the web
Page 1 #1out of 148,000

Peter Grobbelaar in pages from South Africa
Page 1 out of 84,500

However as new technologies and media platforms took over the web causing much confusion on how to successfully market online, by the end of 2012 needed a complete revamp.

After years of market watching we have modernised and expanded the original concept to gain the web marketing advantage while still keeping to the simplistic approach that gave us so much success in the past.

With our eBusinessCard profile portal concept, we are including more emphisis on social media evaluation to give your business valued credibility to the thousands of potential unknown targeted customers.

Combine this with the success of the professional search engine optimization experts at WebsiteMagic and we have a winner!

Your eBusinessCard profile continuesly undergoes Professional SEO techniques and marketing strategies to ensure your information page achieves a current highly tuned SEO layout and page design for ultimate search engine optimization ensuring maximum exposure and advertising benefits in your targeted market place.

All of our paying members are listed within the first 3 pages of Google South Africa, if not page 1.

If we can't get your service name listed in the top 3 pages of Google's search South Africa , we will refund you your subscription.

All this still for less than R 1 a day!

Give your company, products and services,
the added Marketing Advantage!

Lauren Shantall (Pty) Ltd ~
Linda Jacobs Promotions  ~ corporate clothing & promo gifts specialist
M & M Business Enterprise  ~
Bodyguard Services  ~
Legacy Inc Tattoo & Piercing S ~
Black River Routing  ~
JuMar  ~ No Job is too Big or too Small
ST Solutions - Web  ~
India Gifts Point  ~
Technical Finishes ~